- February 29, 2024 -
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OnCuba needs your help.

OnCuba was born as a printed magazine, which soon developed broad distribution across the Unites States, and a website that became an outlet for news and opinions about Cuba and Cubans around the world. During the last eight years we have maintained our financial independence despite the forces that oppose journalism that favors dialogue and uncensored opinions; and, above all, that supports unity among Cubans and the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States.

OnCuba has followers across the planet. Our readership is growing rapidly in the United States, Cuba, Mexico, Spain and all across Europe and Asia. Our global reach reaffirms and strengthens our mission as journalists and our efforts are being rewarded – no journalistic enterprise could ask for more.
While our expanding readership has made OnCuba an attractive advertising market, the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting the very companies that support, through advertising, our innovative journalism platforms. All of our operations, from the print magazine and the social media outlets, to our family and other authorized travel programs from the United States, stand on the precipice of collapse.

We now ask for your help. You are the reason why we are here. We need to keep OnCuba alive. We need to maintain a minimum of activity on our news platforms to assure that reasoned, balanced, committed journalism about Cuba and Cubans does not become a casualty of the Covid-19 calamity. We cannot allow larger, better financed organizations to continue to promulgate the propaganda and disinformation which sadly rules much of the media reports on Cuba.

OnCuba was born as a journalistic alternative to the misinformation surrounding coverage of Cuba and its diaspora. We are committed to our mission. With your help we will survive and continue providing you and our worldwide readers with professional, unbiased and accurate coverage of Cuba and its role in the world. We are optimistic. Your support makes us optimistic. Whether you can give a little or a lot does not matter. Please help us overcome this moment of crisis. We thank you for your support, from the bottom of our hearts. A virtual hug.