OnCuba is a U.S. communication platform founded in 2012 by Cuban-American businessman Hugo Cancio. It belongs to the Media Division of the Fuegos Enterprises, Inc. (FUGI) public company.

It comprises several publications and a travel agency:

  • OnCuba News, a digital newspaper with information about Cuba, the United States and the World which is updated every day.
  • Art OnCuba, a quarterly magazine specializing in Cuban visual arts, which also has a website periodically updated.
  • OnCuba Travel Magazine, a printed magazine that invites through its pages to have a firsthand glance and enjoy the experience of visiting Cuba.
  • OnCuba Travel, a travel agency specializing in promoting the learning and exchange of culture between Cuba and the United States.

OnCuba is the only U.S. communication platform with an office and legal representation on both sides of the Straits of Florida: Havana and Miami. Its Art OnCuba and OnCuba Travel magazines publish exclusively contents about Cuba, being the only ones of its kind distributed throughout all U.S. States.

This extensive distribution, the online positioning and the credibility achieved by the Platform in its six years of existence, facilitate and are presented as an opportunity for those businesses and companies seeking greater visibility and impact in the Anglo-Saxon and/or Cuban market.

Moreover, each one of the trade brand’s products has been developed by Cubans who live on or outside the island and are true connoisseurs of the Cuban reality.

Platform executives:


President: Hugo Cancio
Vice President: Ariel Machado


Director of Communications: Aurora Rodríguez

Editorial Departments

Editor OnCuba News: Mónica Rivero
Editor OnCuba Travel magazine: Tahimí Arboleya
Editor Art OnCuba: Lliliam Llanes
Editor Art OnCuba Web: Marilyn Payrol

Travel agency

Travel manager: Yaima Paez
Operations manager in Havana: Adriana Valdés

Management Posts

Manager Havana Office: Maylin Cancio
Legal Consultant: Yudileydis Ricardo
Software engineers: Richard Romero



OnCuba News appeared this 2018 as a digital newspaper replacing its web version of the OnCuba magazine. Now with a renovated image and a variety of sections, it expands the news spectrum and frequency, maintaining the subject of Cuba-U.S. relations as the central core of its editorial policy.

In this new version readers will in addition be able to find wide coverage about sports, culture, art, shows, cuisine, health, fashion, trends, curiosities on a global level.

OnCuba News has authorized voices among its writing staff and columnists with the aim of meeting its users’ demand for information, in Spanish as well as in English.


Art OnCuba emerged in June 2013 as a quarterly printed magazine specializing in Cuban visual arts. It has currently evolved to become a visual art project that includes a website, a collection of works by young upstart artists and promotional actions to give visibility to the Cuban art proposed by the new generations.

Art OnCuba magazine is more than a publication, it is a collectable object that complements the exhibition of a work. It is a reference and consultation material for curators, art critics, collectors, researchers and other persons related to Cuban visual arts.

Here you can find the access to the website and to the printed subscription.


OnCuba Travel Magazine
OnCuba Travel Magazine

OnCuba Travel magazine is the updated version of the former OnCuba printed magazine, now being presenting as a permanent invitation to travel to Cuba.

It is a magazine made by connoisseurs of the Cuban reality, the wealth of its culture and of its history.

Each edition of OnCuba Travel is a trip through the island, through the architectural beauty of its cities, its spectacular nature, its music, its art, its gastronomy; the Cuban economy, the new businesses, the social transformations.

OnCuba Travel speaks of the life stories told by those who inhabit the island, of the Cubans and their lives. It also offers explanations that help to get to know and enjoy it.


OnCuba Travel is committed to the strengthening of relations between both peoples, Cuba and the United States, and invites foreign readers to take a firsthand glance and enjoy with all the senses the experience of visiting the island.

It has subscriptions in the entire United States and the possibility of downloading in digital format each one of its issues.

Its contents are published on OnCuba News and on the OnCuba Travel website.

OnCuba Travel
OnCuba Travel

OnCuba Travel was founded in 2015 after the reestablishment of relations between Cuba and the United States. It is a travel agency specializing in the promotion of learning and the exchange of culture between those two peoples.

With a system of customized programs, OnCuba Travel places its clients in direct contact with entrepreneurs, artists, academicians and all types of exponents of the evolution and changes Cuban society is experiencing today.

OnCuba Travel invites you to get to know and enjoy Cuba from the viewpoint of the contents, stories and proposals promoted in the platform’s publications.

The idea isn’t just to travel; the goal is to provide an enriched lifelong experience for travelers.

OnCuba Travel services

  • Customized programs.
  • Assistance with visas and necessary traveling documentation.
  • All-Inclusive programs.
  • Private excursions on land.
  • Reservation and assistance on flights to Cuba.
  • Transfers with professional drivers and car reservations.
  • NCL Holdings cruises.
  • Reservations for Restaurants, Accommodation, Recreation centers, etc.
  • Specialized guides.
  • Assistance about OFAC regulations.

Visit the Agency’s website for more detailed information.