Moderation policy for comments

Moderation policy for comments:

Thank you for being part of the OnCuba community!

We wish to favor all users’ participation through comments about our publicity contents.

We believe readers complete, enrich and make transcendental the act of communication.

We defend the principle that debate and discussion should be based on dialogue, empathy and relevant conversation to the benefit of all users.

We reject insults, defamations, and non-related intentional considerations, or intentionally manipulated.

Principles we share as members of the OnCuba community:

The acknowledgment that all news items, articles, photos, videos and audios published on OnCuba represent the opinions of its authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of OnCuba.

When comments are made, they will be kept in a waiting hall for their moderation and publication as soon as possible.

Our editorial staff appreciates alerts about spelling mistakes or errors regarding last minute information, or enriching aspects, in whose case, most of the times, they will be sent as messages to the writing staff and will not be published.

Discrepancy and contrast of opinions are welcome, but not insults, threats or personal attacks, unfounded defamations or any other impoverishing and degrading expression.

Xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic or defamatory expressions will not be accepted.

The use of rude comments, crude language or so-called “dirty words” will not be accepted.

OnCuba will be able to decide which contents are not open to comments when the case arises.

Users’ comments will be able to be reproduced or quoted, in diverse spaces of the publication, by the authors or by the publication, with the consequent recognition of the authorship.

The publicity messages or about matters not related to the subject of the content in question will be rejected.

OnCuba retains the right of admission or of limitation of rights of those comments whose behavior resembles that of trolls whose purpose is to distort the course of the debates.