Rafael Hernández

Rafael Hernández

Scene from the movie “Rashomon” directed by Akira Kurosawa.

Past Present (III)

The legacy of Fidel and Che, as well as that of the intellectual left that continued thinking socialism and its problems until now, poses a paradox of identity for some currents of the left today: that of recognizing and denying them at the same time, in their ideas and in their political practices.

Photo: Kaloian Santos.

Past present (I)

The debate on ideas in the Cuban public sphere, what people read, the movies they watch, with whom they talk, the physical and virtual spaces where they exchange; it is not subject to what is registered, printed and published; to what is broadcast on TV and put on in theaters; to the people in their neighborhood.

Photo: Willy Castellanos/via BBC

Migratory things (IV)

“They launched the raft into the sea, and it felt the weight of the number of passengers and the provisions they had gathered for the dangerous journey. Instantly, it sank. After rescuing the saints, the family and those who supported them returned to Pogolotti and set about building a new boat.”

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