Danier Ernesto González

Danier Ernesto González

Photo: Danier Ernesto González.

Fishing in Gibara

On sunny and windless days, the people of Gibara go fishing. Men with sun-tanned skin enter the sea with nets or harpoons, looking for fish of all kinds. The White Village of the Crabs, in the north of the Holguín province, houses in its bag-type bay -one of the largest in the archipelago, where the rivers Gibara and Cacoyugüíndrain- varieties of crabs, shirts, shrimps, coquinas, small snapper, oysters and breams. Precisely the fishing of this silver fish with small mouth is one of the most picturesque of this place. The best time to leave is at dawn and during the first hours of the day; especially at low tide, to be able to cross the bay with ease. Along the coastline there are also fishing places such as Blanca beach, the Lows, the Mangrove and Caletones beach, which are very popular in summer for its clear and cold natural pools, and the Blue Tank, the largest submerged cavern in the country. Photo: Danier Ernesto González.


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