Jorge Smith

Jorge Smith

Elizabeth Peña, the girl of ¨ La Bamba¨

When Cuban filmmaker Gerardo Chijona ¨Ticket to Paradise¨ (Boleto al paraíso) was preparing his previous film ¨ Un paraíso bajo las estrellas¨ (A paradise under the stars) he told a reporter: "I can´t have Elizabeth Pena, my friend from the Sundance Festival, for the protagonist role, but I have another Elizabeth Peña in Cuba who is named Thais Valdés."

Millard Mitchell: the Cuban in Singing in the Rain

Hollywood actor Millard Mitchell, who was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1903, when his American parents were residing here for work, always retained his Cuban citizenship, which he took to the film set of the classic Singin 'in the Rain. Mitchell was a popular radio actor in New York in the 1930s; his first film appearance was in commercials and after he moved to Los Angeles he worked on eight films from 1931 to 1936.