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Rubén Rubén Darío Salazar

Rubén Rubén Darío Salazar

Matanzas, the city of puppets

Matanzas, the city that looks out to sea, located on the north coast of the island of Cuba, 100 kilometers from Havana, is known as the city of bridges and rivers, of poets, and also of puppets. Since 1994, the International Puppet Workshop (Taller Internacional de Títeres) has been held there, a biennial performing arts fiesta sponsored initially by the Teatro Papalote company. Now, other local cultural and social institutions have joined in, providing a theatrical and theoretical panorama at every festival that includes performances, exhibits, lectures, books, concerts and workshops for professionals and amateurs in this theatrical art. Celebrities and companies from the world of puppetry come to Cuba from all over the Americas—North, Central and South—Europe, Asia and Africa, to experience with artists and the local population that special way of being, a combination of color and rhythm, melancholy and joy, found in those who were born in the Caribbean. The festival’s latest edition takes place in April, and the tropical spring will provide a perfect climate for exchanging experiences with puppeteers, not just in the intimate setting of theaters, but also in parks, streets and plazas. The whole city becomes a giant stage that spreads out to...


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