Alfredo Prieto

Alfredo Prieto

Investigador, editor y periodista. Ha trabajado como Jefe de Redacción de Cuadernos de Nuestra América, Caminos, Temas y Cultura y Desarrollo, y ejercido la investigación y la docencia en varias universidades. Autor de La prensa de los Estados Unidos y la agenda interamericana y El otro en el espejo.

Cuban rafters at sea


For decades, tens of thousands of Cubans have tried to cross, in rustic boats, the Straits of Florida, marked by the treacherous Gulf Stream. Not all of them have made it to the United States. Not all who made it managed to stay. Today the crisis is living a new chapter.

Benedict XVI at the Vatican on March 29, 2010, at the Mass in memory of John Paul II on the fifth anniversary of his death. Saint Peter’s Basilica. Photo: EFE.

Ratzinger, “Pope of Truth”

He came to power after a career begun under the Second Vatican Council, in which he stood out alongside reformist theologians. Changes in his socio-theological orientation and turns to the conservative side made him stick his neck out against liberalism, atheism and Marxism.

U.S. President John Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) arrives in Havana on January 15, 1928. Photo: Archive.

President Cal in Havana

Cubans have always been hospitable and lovers of shows and soap operas. And as courteous as they are emotional, to the point that today they are the only passengers who applaud the pilot when the plane they are traveling on from Miami lands on the Rancho Boyeros runway.

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