José Antonio Quintana García

José Antonio Quintana García

Se ha desempeñado como historiador, periodista, investigador, profesor, conferencista y editor. Autor de dieciséis libros y coautor de otros quince. Sus textos se han publicado en Cuba, Ecuador, República Dominicana, Venezuela, Argentina, España, México, Estados Unidos e Irlanda.

Photo: Canva.

The precursors of yoga in Cuba

In the bay, the remains of the fleet commanded by Admiral Pascual Cervera still show the fierceness of the recently ended war. From El Morro the sentinels see the battleships and other vessels arriving from the United States, with military and civilians on board. Among the passengers, a mature woman with a stern face comes down to the dock. It can be seen that she is used to giving orders. It is Katherine Tingley. She comes with two missions: to help in the organization of the health service and to expand the teaching institutions that she directs, based on a millenary practice, originally from India. Katherine Tingley, El Fígaro. It is said that Mackinley, the U.S. president, facilitated her trip. He has led an intense life, unusual for women of that time. Born in Newbury, Massachusetts, on July 6, 1847, she worked as a nurse in 1861 during the Civil War and her interest in the arts motivated her to join a traveling theater group in Europe. When she headed the Ladies Society of Mercy in the late 1880s in New York, she became involved with the Manhattan Masonic group. There she met the Irishman William Quan Judge, a mystical...