Magela Romero Almodóvar

Magela Romero Almodóvar

Socióloga, profesora del Departamento de Sociología de la Universidad de la Habana.

Photo: AP.

Christian fundamentalists against women’s rights in Cuba

A transnational religious culture is moving silently through every corner of the planet, no matter the country, nor its system, nor its government, nor its history. It crosses not only the cosmopolitan cities but the peripheral neighborhoods, the mountainous areas, the most remote and unthinkable towns. It “miraculously” takes over human minds and practices, with only one purpose: to impose principles and doctrines that respond to the literal and non-contextualized interpretation of the Christian gospel. Everything happens at the same time: a call to read the Bible on the Havana seawall, a girl waiting for her 15th birthday to marry God, posters around the city that are committed to “an original design” of family, a book that with absurd criteria tries to dismantle and criticize a history of social conquests, others that talk about the dangers of gender ideology and supposed witches who want to exorcise young people through comprehensive sex education programs. And I simply don’t conceive it, for me in Cuba that was unthinkable. However, fundamentalist enunciations are gaining strength and those who defend them are gaining ground and visibility. We can understand that this rapid expansion is due among other aspects to: the connection between their religious...