Marilyn Bobes

Marilyn Bobes

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Uva de Aragón: A Bridge Between Cuba and Miami

The Holguín publishing house brought out and presented at the 2016 International Book Fair the volume El mundo y mi Cuba en el Diario (The World and My Cuba in El Diario) by Cuban resident in Miami Uva de Aragón, which is a compilation of 60 journalistic chronicles by the also writer for El Diario de Las Américas. Compiled and selected by Vitalina Alfonso, these chronicles will have a U.S. edition published by Books and Books and will come out in the United States next November 2 with the presence of the author and compiler. Uva de Aragón (Havana, 1944) started publishing in the 1960s in U.S. newspapers and since then she has maintained an extensive journalistic production, including her blog. De Aragón has made incursions in all the literary genres and resides in the United States since 1959. She graduated in the University of Miami, Florida, where she got a doctorate in Spanish and Latin American literature. Uva de Aragón has traveled several times to Cuba and has given lectures in the University of Havana, the Institute of Literature and Linguistics and the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, among other institutions. She became known in our country...

Cubanabooks: A Non-Profit Publisher of Cuban Women

U.S. university professor Sara Cooper is the founder of a veritable publisher’s dream: Cubanabooks. The publishing house has already begun to secure prestige in both Cuba and the United States thanks to the tenacity of a woman who defends literature written by women and Queer Studies. She is currently working at the California State University, devoting much of her time to publish the work of Cuban women living in the United States. At a time when curiosity about Cuba may well extend to its literature, Sara Cooper has a feeling that her project may become one more way for the countries – which opened their respective embassies on July 20 – to begin a difficult normalization process to involve the sphere of culture – to get to know each other better. We approached Cooper to learn more about her and her expectations for her initiative, which has neatly become a reality and one more bridge between the United States and Cuba – an initiative focused through the lens of women, the always neglected gender that struggles to secure the place it deserves on both shores of the Strait of Florida. How, when, why and with what aims was Cubanabooks born?...


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