Paola Oliva

Paola Oliva

Art on a golf course

Photos: Alain L. Gutiérrez and Archive The Cubanacán Art Schools, home to Cuba’s University of the Arts and various specialties of the National School of the Arts (ENA), are one of the most outstanding examples of contemporary Cuban architecture. The complex was designed with an impressive visual richness. The green of its vegetation combines with the red of the bricks used in the various buildings, creating a perfect harmony among the installations and the natural environment.

Gibara a city for the cinema

Photo: Amauris Betancourt From April 17 to 22 the tenth edition of the International Budget Film Festival will be held in Gibara, a cinematographic event initiated by Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solás in 2003. From its origins, this festival brings together films by directors from all over the world that were filmed with a low production budget.