Raquel Pérez

Raquel Pérez

Venta de autos en Cuba

Prices of cars without popular support

Six months after the prices of new cars rose by 800 percent, all Cuba dealerships have sold 50 used vehicles and not a single one brand new. Thousands of doctors, artists, journalists and diplomats were left with the desire to buy a used car. Overnight their "letters" became worthless and prices increased by 500 percent. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most unpopular measures. After 180 days of prices to skyrocket in the streets we didn’t find a single Cuban who supports this reform. It hit all Cubans, those who had savings to purchase and to those who have no money today killed them the hope of having a car one.

Silvio Rodríguez

Silvio Rodríguez: “I wouldn´t know how to live any other way”

-In the concerts (free) through the neighborhoods I found a way, the right way. -These are recording studios that are not self-sufficient, they are always in red. I finance them with my tours abroad, like everything else I do in Cuba. -Here we record many things the labels don’t want to take and others that have a great cultural weight. -I wouldn´t know how to live any other way, Fernando, for me would be strange to live any other way, I wouldn’t find myself, I couldn’t look myself in the mirror. -I do believe that to certain extent there is a different species in Cuba and that is thanks to the formation this life we have lived gave us. -I do believe that here we have created a new man.