Sixela Ametller

Sixela Ametller

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Blanca Rosa Blanco: “I’m afraid of labels”

Spring came to the cold northern state of Minnesota and with it the visit of Cuban actress ̶ and now director ̶ Blanca Rosa Blanco. She was there to present her first feature, El regreso (The Return), at the 10th Cuban Film Festival held in the capital, Minneapolis. After 25 years as an actress, Blanca Rosa surprises playing three roles at the same time in cinema: playing a leading role, and as director and screenwriter. It is a show of boldness and at the same time of maturity for having decided to give rein to her artistic concerns. How did the idea of ​​the movie come about? It arose while I was playing Major Mónica in the police series “Tras la huella.” During those 10 years I realized that television had certain codes that did not allow me to do everything I wanted and I always thought that cinema was the ideal platform to exploit all the resources of the detective genre. I wanted to expand my expectations and put myself to the test in front of the Cuban public, which was also demanding a different cinema. Actors are always very exposed to public opinion, we are constantly taking note,...


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