Antonio López Sánchez

Antonio López Sánchez

Freddy firmando contrato con Discos Puchito

Freddy, the woman who cried boleros

I didn’t have to ask around much, they knew right away who she was. It’s really a shame, but very few like her remain. That is why I came to this bar. The writers were right. Places that operate at night should never be seen in daylight. All the dust, all the sorrows recounted by those great boleros seem to come out of the songs and drift in the air like haggard daytime ghosts. There she is! As soon as she hears me arrive, she lights up, and it’s as if all of the vitality of yesteryear had returned to her body; it’s no longer necessary to ask her. Yes, Mr. Journalist, I am the "record-player" they told you about. I’m not going to tell you my age; you don’t ask women that question, But I can tell you about her because I was there, you know. So, you want to write about Freddy? Well, yes, I knew her. She was a servant, and she would come at night to the place where I worked. Moreover, I heard her sing, right there, sitting next to me, at the bar of the Bar Celeste. Sometimes she was accompanied by one of...

Israel Rojas, Buena Fe

Israel Rojas: Making a balm from a song

At the time of this interview, and for a long time, I’m sure Israel Rojas is a happy man. Buena Fe´s leader has just concluded the best of his works. His daughter Ana Paula has just come to life. In the midst of congratulations and work as a first-time father, the famous artist talked to OnCuba about ¨Dial¨, his new album and the presentation of this material at a concert in the U.S. city of Miami; so, let us listen to him: "The album has thirteen tracks, twelve of which are mine, and the other one was made by Andrés Suárez and myself. He is a Spanish singer who was playing here with us. Several songs were born from that relationship, including this one. There is a pretext, to pay tribute to the 90th anniversary of the Cuban radio, that’s why we used that name for the CD. Although we could not present it last year, by a thousand issues, I thought our original pretext did not lose validity, so we didn’t make substantial changes. Finally, we used several iconic elements and some sort of Buena Fe´s dial was established. The arrangements are mostly by Ernesto Cisneros, our pianist, who...