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Abraham Jiménez Enoa

Abraham Jiménez Enoa

The grief in the World Volleyball League

Each time it gets harder to follow the journey of the national team of Cuba in the World Volleyball League. The presentations in Europe were only that, presentations. Both in Turin and in Bremen, the national team had an amputated demonstration of the true face of the talented Cuban volleyball. The performances of Cuba in Italian and German soil caused a sudden and mischievous sense of disgust, which is just beginning and will last as long as the sports authorities in the country, those who cling to the bad decision of keeping up their policies in this sport. Cuba's performance in Europe is unprecedented. One set won in four games and have only three so far in this tournament. It is a performance that has been at times tortuous and even petty cheek. And of course, this is not only the team’s responsibility. Many of these young people who make up the Cuban squad may have crossed the Atlantic for the first time in their lives and did it ​​to face two teams that instantly pulverized them. While the first weekend of World League Cubans took refuge in the fans of the Sports City Coliseum to face a Serbia that...

Dayron Robles: between a rock and a hard place

Two weeks ago Dayron Robles, Olympic champion in Beijing 2008 and former world record holder in the 110 meter hurdles, returned to action after a surprise attendance to the athletic meeting in Turin, Italy. With his usual glasses adjusted to his face phlegmatic raced the stretch in a discrete 13.85 seconds. But back then the time matter little. All eyes were focused on unravel who he was racing for, after dropping from the Cuban athletics national team. Well, Dayron Robles ran for Dayron Robles. The own curiosity surrounding the Cuban gave him the freedom to enroll in Turin without being attached to any professional club or belonging officially to any nation. Of course the Italian city opened the doors to the new chapter of the novel by the Cuban regardless the outcome. But now things have changed and Dayron is between a rock and a hard place. It seems that the Cuban Athletics Federation did not like at all the trick of Dayron and wants to get over with the seek and hide game that the hurdler started in January 2013 with the application to exit the national team. It turns out that the hurdler has been denied his participation...


The postseason party begins

Cienfuegos, Sancti Spiritus, Matanzas and Villa Clara have won by their own merits their inclusion in the postseason of the 52nd Cuban National Baseball Series. W hen some thought the beginning of the season would only serve to break the inertia and to loosen up a little the stiff arms due to the pre -competition training, Sancti Spiritus took the lead, mainly supported by the formidable trio of batters that are Frederich Cepeda, Yulieski Gourriel and Eriel Sanchez. The roosters were on top of the standings during the 45 games of the first round, and once the time of asking for reinforcements came, they strengthened their squad as any other team. But luck , which has always been against them, would look direct into their eyes for leave them later. The portent Yadier Pedroso would pass away in a tragic car accident and speedy outfielder Duvergel Giorvis got injured and that prevented him from wearing of orange and blue. Despite the misfortunes, they kept their consistent and accurate play, without any excesses, which provided them one of the tickets granted for the playoffs. Eventually, Cienfuegos´ elephants reached Sancti Spiritus a fter being behind them throughout the first round. Then Iday...

The fate of the last Morenas

The lethargy that plunges the Cuban women's volleyball sometimes becomes undisturbed. It reflects the stretched and perpetual shadow of previous generations who drilled the past to stay for life at present. This new fraternity will carry on its shoulders the weight of too robust for its attributes. It will have to bear the harassment of judgments about a myth seen from afar. An absence raving without limits and acknowledges the tedium of those who once felt proud to have it as the best team in the world.

The broken insolence of a bitter adventure

There are few things as invigorating as reunions. Crossing that missing, lost or misplaced in the past something, either by the recklessness of the casual or default by destiny, returns the images and feelings that have faded over time. That second of wonder is worth suffering, feeling with nobody to tell you. Returning to find out what was gone or perhaps by chance had been snatched away, is enough to sustain the broken insolence of a bitter adventure.

The owner of the belt

The “ Playa Girón” National Tournament of boxing wrapped up in Sancti Spíritus. The Cuban boxers, possibly some of the best amateurs of the world, met for one week for to fight for the crown of the Island. With an acceptable assistance of public, bearing in mind the little publicity of event, several Pan-American champions, world cups and the recent Olympian champions entered the ring. Although this tournament already doesnt enjoy the ancient prestige, the 2012 edition re-lived some of that old passion for this sport in the country.

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