Ailynn Torres Santana

Ailynn Torres Santana

Académica y militante feminista. Investigadora postdoctoral del International Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies (IRGAC) de la Fundación Rosa Luxemburgo, investigadora asociada de FLACSO Ecuador y parte de la Red “El Futuro es Feminista” de la Fundación Friedrich Ebert. Doctora en Ciencias Sociales por FLACSO Ecuador.

Illustration: Alina Najlis.

It was femicide, and that matters

It was not one more homicide: it was femicide. After this precision, Leidy Maura Pacheco Mur will continue dead; her son, an orphan; her family, torn apart; Cienfuegos, dismayed. However, it is important to specify this. Leidy Maura On September 26, 2017, Leidy Maura was murdered. She had gone to the Commerce enterprise interested in a course, she had visited friends, she had lunch with her husband and gotten on a bus and then on a van. She had gotten home. But she was kidnapped. Then she was raped. Lastly, she was murdered. On September 27, the whole city – including one of the alleged murderers – mobilized to search for the missing woman. Two suspects were initially identified and a few days ago three of them were tried. At least one of them has antecedents of rape. Irael Enrique Campos, aged 32, was sentenced to life imprisonment; Darián Gómez Chaviano, 25, was also sentenced to life imprisonment. In the case of Henry Hanoi Tamayo Hernández, 19, a minor before the law, he was sentenced to a prison term of 30 years. It hasn’t just been Leidy Maura. We don’t have figures, but the cases are made known by word...

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