Alberto Roque Guerra

Alberto Roque Guerra

Doctor en Medicina. Especialista en Medicina Interna y tiene un diplomado en Cuidados Intensivos. Es miembro la Sociedad Cubana Multidisciplinaria para el Estudio de la Sexualidad (SOCUMES), de la Latin American Sudies Association y de la Asociación Profesional Mundial de Salud Transgénero. Miembro de la Comisión Nacional de Atención Integral a Personas Transexuales (2004-2013). Profesor asistente e investigador agregado de la Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de La Habana. Desde 2003 se desempeña como activista por los derechos de las sexualidades no heteronormativas. Fundó en 2010 el grupo Hombres por la Diversidad (HxD) y fue su coordinador por dos años. Integró el Comité Organizador de las Jornadas Cubanas contra La Homofobia (2008-2012). Mantiene su blog [email protected]

Activists for LGBTI rights participating in a march this Saturday May 11, 2019 along Paseo del Prado in Havana (Cuba). LGTBI activists and Cuban State Security Agents clashed this Saturday during an illegal demonstration called after the annual gay pride march organized by the official National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX), led by Mariela Castro, was canceled. EFE/Ernesto Mastrascusa

Comply with the Constitution and give back the Revolution

I took some time to reflect on the regrettable events that took place during the 12th edition of the Day against Homophobia. I stop at this moment with the conviction that it’s an unfinished debate. I founded the Cuban Days against Homophobia when the idea that all activism in relation to sexual rights is political had already matured in me; therefore, it will always be crisscrossed by specific political values ​​and ideologies. Whoever doesn’t situate himself from this angle is naive or intends to manipulate the complex reality. No ideological struggle is free of contradictions and the complex process of building political consensus (if that is possible among Cubans) always has advances and setbacks. The march not authorized by the government on May 11 was not only due to suspension by the State/Party of the traditional conga included in the programs of the Cuban Days against Homophobia. The antecedents and the circumstances I perceive are: Sole vertical dialogue and legitimacy of the CENESEX leadership by the State/Party in the fight against homophobia. State/Party’s obsessive and pernicious fear of horizontal leadership and the emergence of LGBT groups within civil society collide with citizens’ gradual awareness about sexual rights as human rights....


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