Alejandra Angulo

Alejandra Angulo

Photo: Ismael Francisco / AP.

Giant African Snail in Cuba: an uncontrolled invasion The Giant African Snail, one of the hundred most harmful invasive species in the world according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, has become a problem for Cuba. This threat to the island’s human and plant health and biodiversity continues to proliferate in twelve of the country’s provinces, favored by suitable climatic conditions. The action protocols implemented by the National Civil Defense in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and the Institute of Plant Health, similar to those that have been put into effect in other affected countries in the area, have been ineffective in controlling this vector that proliferates uncontrollably. “Control is a burning issue, we are talking about one of the most harmful plagues in the world,” explains Luis Álvarez, curator of Malacology at the Felipe Poey Museum of the University of Havana. In the areas adjacent to the Atunera 2 apartment blocks, located in the capital district of Cojímar, Habana del Este municipality, the African Snail swarms freely, creating an environment of extreme concern among residents of the area. They must carry out their daily lives avoiding the danger that direct contact with this mollusk implies. “Windows have to be closed tightly,...

Self-employment: from student to journalist

Why did I decide to make a documentary about self-employment in Cuba? This topic has been waiting for a long time to be dealt with. It is impossible to deny the influence of the private sector as part of the Cuban economic model and its role in the reconfiguration of society. However, much of the media treatment given to the issue is reduced to reporting about regulations, measures and contraventions. A BA thesis is like a trip in which all university students are enrolled and my lucky talisman was to have the intellectual generosity of Dr. in Economic Sciences Ileana Díaz. She introduced me to the Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Network of the University of Havana, a multidisciplinary group dedicated to thoroughly studying the transformation of ownership in Cuba. Dr. in Economic Sciences Ileana Díaz. Self-employed? Entrepreneur? Businessperson? The first dilemma I came against was the fact that these terms are used interchangeably to refer to this social group. According to Díaz, a self-employed person is a person who works for himself and does not employ anyone. "But many of them form micro and small businesses with hired workers. The hired worker himself is, in turn, a self-employed worker. That...