Dianela Cano Rodríguez

Dianela Cano Rodríguez

Photo by Dianela Cano Rodríguez

A Cuban at the world meeting of Nobel Laureates

That they invited Llinersy to the World Meeting of Nobel Laureates in the German town of Lindau, took her by surprise. When they confirmed that she could attend, she could not believe it. Llinersy Uranga, a quantum physics scholar and professor at University of Havana’s Physics Faculty, is a modest young woman who avoids talking about her not insignificant personal achievements as much as possible. She has the Young Scientist Award for outstanding research awarded by the Caribbean Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences of the Third World (CAS-TWAS for its English acronym), a distinction which meant that she was automatically nominated to attend the prestigious event in the Bavarian city. Unlike other countries, Cuba has only appeared three times in the list of participants in the 66 meetings that have so far have taken place in Lindau. A figure that according to Uranga is due to the lack of information about the event in Cuban scientific community. "I would be lying if I said I knew about this meeting," she confesses to OnCuba at the beginning of the interview that took place in one of the conference rooms of StadtTheater or City Theater, a building of medieval...


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