Deborah Rodríguez

Deborah Rodríguez

“Peer Gynt: Carlos Diaz’s return home”

Last weekend El Publico theatre group shook Havana with one of its productions. Golden needle heels, bright green wigs, and tights could be seen again on the stage of the famous Trianon Theatre. A few days before the premiere a colorful poster had caught my attention while walking down Linea Avenue. I had already lost the habit of looking at the front of what used to be one of the flagship theaters in Havana. I had lost it in the first place; because I had been waiting for months a return that was getting longer, especially for an addict like me, I need the reclining chairs, the smell of wet curtain and creaky stage of the theater to feel myself alive in this city. The absence of El Público was for me the absence of the dramatic feeling to I was accustomed since I was 19 and being still a schoolgirl I began to frequent the Blue Room of Linea and A Street. I learned to love the theater since when I was only 8 my father dragged my siblings and me each Sunday to the puppet theater. Since then, I not only enjoyed that leisure time, the transcendental fact...


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