Gaby Pais Carrillo

Gaby Pais Carrillo

Photo: Naturaleza secreta de Cuba

On Earth Day Coronavirus, a pollution hiccup?

On days of social distancing, where relationships are happening remotely, games and challenges are flourishing on social media. All the avalanche of #challenges makes me wonder: Do we know what’s the human challenge with regards to nature after this pandemic is over? This world on pause has made the Himalayas visible from Punjab in India; wild animals rediscover semi-deserted cities; air quality is exponentially improving in some areas, and many of us are comforted by the idea that the environment is benefiting from this temporary break. Will this impact have a lasting effect on the environment? Will we accept the #challenge of creating a new reality that seeks balance with nature after coronavirus is over? Photo: Peter Byrne Current context impact on the environment. How to read it? In the presence of so much social change regarding our mobility, politics, markets and the economy, it is not rare to wonder what’s its effect on nature. The new wildlife behavior of day walks through empty cosmopolitan cities, and the temporary reduction of our consumption levels do not represent the change that we need. But, they could be the preview of a movie, or new television series, narrated...


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