Ismario Rodríguez Pérez

Ismario Rodríguez Pérez

"Latido" by Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba. Photo: Ismario Rodríguez.


Latido (Heartbeat) -the new show that begins it performance for the first time on May, at the Great Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso, by the Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba Company- speaks about the contrast between death and life and the emotions they provoke when they reach at the same time. "Life and death are seen as variations, fragments and recurrences. Nothing ends definitely. The last heartbeat may also be the first one. Everything returns, stays, resists, changes, reborn", says Eberto García, dramatic adviser of the show, in the brochure. After eleven years without having presented a new repertoire, Latido will be on the billboard for three consecutive weekends, from May 13 to 28, with performances at 8:30 p.m. each Thursday, Friday and Saturday; and on Sundays at 5 p.m. "Latido" by Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba. Photo: Ismario Rodríguez. "Once again we have chosen a path of much experimentation. We have left behind many things and we have collected others along the way that we needed to continue beating. That would not have been possible without the quality of the dancers we have in the school we founded 25 years ago, "choreographer Lizt Alfonso told in a press conference. In the...

Photo: Ismario Rodríguez.

Creative islands

Cuba and the United Kingdom present for the second time as Islas Creativas (Creative Islands), a project of the Cuban Contemporary Dance Company (DCC) and the British Council. With the advice of Fleur Darkin, considered the most theatrical choreographer of the new British wave, the Cuban dancers prepare the piece Equinox for these days in a choreographic laboratory. Photo: Ismario Rodríguez. "One of the ambitions of dance is to defy gravity, elevate the body, the spirit. And at the other end is the dance that comes from the inside, from our entrails. I am intimidated to work with a company whose dancers can develop in dimensions. They, as Alice Walker says, know the secret of joy, "said Darkin, artistic director of the Scottish Dance Theatre. Equinox, the work that will be exhibited this year by the dancers of Miguel Iglesias with the training of Fleur Darkin, also refers, from the dance, to that period of the year in which day and night last the same. Photo: Ismario Rodríguez.