Lisset Magariño Carralero

Lisset Magariño Carralero

Cuban boxer Teófilo Stevenson, three-time Olympic champion.

Stevenson, Francis the kid

“Francis, you’re big for the fun of it,” the father used to say to the big kid, too tall for his age and acting like a child. Those who knew Teófilo Francisco say that as a child he was vivacious, couldn’t keep still but was obedient and affectionate, and loved by his friends in the neighborhood of La Grúa, in Delicias, municipality of Puerto Padre in Las Tunas province. With enormous effort his parents were able to celebrate his first birthday, surrounded by people close to the family; it was inconceivable for the firstborn to not have a party, although modest, thanks to the collaboration of the neighbors and friends. It was a simple party, but the child felt happy with it. Those were hard years. The father was not working the whole year, he took advantage of the opportunities some comrades gave him to cover their posts and thus resolve the situation at home. “I was Teófilo’s (father’s) goddaughter and I used to visit his home and take his small son to Cayo Juan Claro, where I lived; he was a very mischievous boy, he would never keep still. I remember that in my house there was a wooden...


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