OnCuba´s Digital Channel

OnCuba´s Digital Channel

A cup of coffee with Alicia: Harold López-Nussa and the imprint of a family of musicians

On this occasion, Alicia Hechavarría discovers for us jazz player Harold López-Nussa in the colors that surround him in his home. As he prepares coffee and they taste it, Harold talks about his family of musicians, about Cuba and what inspires him, about the general magic that music has for him. He also told us about his French grandmother, who didn’t play professionally but knew a lot about piano. Don’t miss these exclusive minutes with one of the best contemporary Cuban pianists and jazz musicians, internationally acclaimed for his talent.

A cup of coffee with Alicia: Brenda Navarrete, a woman who triumphs on the drum

In this installment, Alicia has the last cup of coffee of 2020 with jazz musician, percussionist, composer, dancer—and influencer—, Brenda Navarrete, who opened the doors of her house to the OnCuba Digital Channel’s audience to share with us her words of wisdom that, along with a good coffee and several sessions of good music, are infallible against sadness and uncertainty. Don’t miss this conversation with one of the most powerful and original composers on the island, a declared lover of music, team work, Cuba and coffee.

A cup of coffee with Alicia: The memories, dreams and secrets of Ana Fidelia Quirós

On this occasion, Alicia had a good cup of coffee with Ana Fidelia Quirós, the multi-champion athlete from Palma Soriano, who opened the doors of her house to share her memories, her dreams and secrets, as well as her love for life and for Cuba. For Ana Fidelia, friendship, humility and gratitude are fundamental pillars of existence. And for us, it is a pleasure to bring this Café of OnCuba’s Digital Channel to the audience, in which this extraordinary woman, a sports glory and a Cuban through and through, is portrayed.

A cup of coffee with Alicia: Kelvis Ochoa, the extraordinary musician who composes while cooking

Kelvis―one of the most established musicians on the current Cuban scene―told us about his passions: music, family, friendship, cooking and life. Music, he affirms, is the engine “that drives me every day to get up and take a little step higher in all aspects: in love, work, as a father, as a citizen.” He also told us―between one cup of coffee and another―about the projects he’s working on today: an album with Haydée Milanés; the production of songs for Isla Ochoa, his daughter; songs for Lester Hamlet’s soap opera; and the setting up of an intimate corner, “without cards and without scripts” to share “songs, music and signature cuisine.” Don’t miss this coffee; it was strong and delicious.