Cayo Carenas. Photo: Potter.

Carenas, no return from oblivion

About thirty people live alone in the middle of the Cienfuegos Bay. Cayo Carenas can only be reached by sea, in boats or speedboats. In that flat land of about 20 hectares there were about forty houses before. Today, perhaps a dozen may be found. Cayo Carenas. Photo: Potter. The historians of Cienfuegos tell that the first French pirates settled in Cayo Carenas, almost in the center of the bay of that southern province. The site was known as the "Key of Jagua" and there was an arms center during the War of 1895, then hostels and fishing clubs with a very typical architecture appeared. In 1966, filmmaker Humberto Solás filmed the second story of Lucia there, recreating a scene from the 30's. Many arrive at Carenas only in summer time and, although they do not know the history, it is still possible to distinguish how it is divided in street blocks. Its boundaries are alleys that once had names, like Cuba and Bullón, for example. Cayo Carenas. Photo: Potter. There are also reports of endemic plants such as coccothrinax cupularis palm, now included in the most recent edition of the Red List of Flora from Cuba as a species...

D'Morón Teatro. Photo: Potter.

Clay people

The actors of the street group D'Morón Teatro are clay people. They take their makeup and everything they will use on stage from clay. They are living statues trying to personify stories from universal literature. Their poor performance in traditional stages led them to community work. They say: the public of the halls and the one they find in the streets is not the same. D'Morón Teatro. Photo: Potter. Born in Ciego de Avila on May 28, 1987, directed by Orlando Concepción, the company has performed "Medea", a work by Euripides, then "Troy", based on the literary piece The Odyssey and "Cecilia, the clay angel ", an adaptation of the text by Cirilo Villaverde. With these classics pieces, the group of more than forty members intends to educate the aesthetic taste of people who pass and stop to look at them. Three decades have passed since its first staging - Once upon a time a king -, still surprising by the slow movement of the actors, the spectacular costumes and the successful musical selection. They are able to paralyze any city with their art D'Morón Teatro. Photo: Potter.