Rafael Grillo

Rafael Grillo

破鼓的山羊 abakuá 的真实和神话

牵着山羊走向神庙,从黎明就开始敲鼓,用“植物和包子的胭脂”武装起来。 单词“abakuá” 和“ñáñigo”被美丽和恐惧覆盖着。神话和偏见充满这个社会行为周围,它是在遥远的1836年建立于哈瓦那Regla的一个信仰组织。 尽管是一个男性组织,好奇的是,是一个女人,Lydia Cabrera把目光投向了神秘的Abakua组织在1958的一本书中。现在,另一位女性代表,刑事犯罪学专家Odalys Pérez Martínez出版了一本叫Abakua组织和犯罪学之谜,是记者Ramón Torres Zayas和她共同撰写的。 第二天,某个人颂扬着“一个魔鬼”的舞蹈,耳语着“起来”和“流动的热血”,预示着Regla 和Guanabacoa权利间的战争……

The weight of an election

The word "choice" carries a huge load of sense to humans. And although we are constantly choosing between alternatives, and each of the acts of our lives are marked by personal decisions, we reserve the expression "make a choice" for moments of exceptional importance. You "make the choice" of a career, a marriage partner, the perfect time to conceive a child, close friends, of other place in the world to continue the existence ...

Square of Arms Taken by Books

It was the year of grace 1557, when pious María de Cepero y Nieto was hit by a stray bullet in front of the altar of the Parish Mayor of Havana. The unfortunate shot had escaped from the mouth of a handgun carried by a soldier who was doing military exercises in the adjacent square.