Rodolfo Alpízar

Rodolfo Alpízar

The death penalty and the Cuban Constitution

In my opinion, a humanist and modern constitution that follows Martí’s ideas should forbid the deal penalty in all cases. The truth is that many citizens consider that it should exist, but that it be applied in exceptional cases. That it be forbidden would be the right thing and we should head toward that; that it be allowed but with multiple restrictions that almost annul it could be a step in that direction. No matter which, what is inadmissible is that the Constitution ignore a matter that concerns the first of all human rights. It is amazing that the subject was not in the content of the Constitution of 1976. Even more amazing is that it does not appear in the draft of the new Constitution. When on May 20, 1902 Cuba was born as a Republic before the world, its constitution referred to the death penalty, and it was expressly forbidden to apply it for political crimes. That of 1940, an example for its time, as we know, in its article 25 stated: The death penalty cannot be imposed. The members of the Armed Forced are exempted from military crimes as well as the persons guilty of treason or...


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