Violeta Rodríguez Chaviano

Violeta Rodríguez Chaviano

Actriz, dramaturga, comisaria de arte contemporáneo, coordinadora de eventos culturales, animalista, buena cocinera, e incansable luchadora por La Belleza. #PeaceAndLove

Grettel Montes de Oca: “There are many animal lovers throughout Cuba”

I couldn’t stop talking with Grettel Montes de Oca, a long-standing friend who has a lot to say about different topics, but above all, something that joins us, a principle, a common commitment: love for animals and the struggle to achieve in Cuba a law that protects them from helplessness and the inclemency of the streets. Ever since we were very young we have shared many happier adventures: festive events, concerts, yoga classes, and now we come together in this crusade, a sad crossroads, which does not seem to end, of which she is an infallible champion with her project CEDA, Cubans in defense of animals. With her tireless and unlimited love―because only she has such an immense heart where more than 50-odd rescued animals fit―, Grettel's initiative for unprotected animals was born "suddenly" one night in a Havana street. The tenderness with which she addresses and surrenders herself to the subject, even when it is so painful, made this dialogue essential. I couldn’t stop talking with this great woman, Protector of Life, and thus contribute more, or otherwise, to achieve what we want so much: A #LeyDeProtecciónAnimalEnCubaYa (#LawOnAnimalProtectionInCubaNow). Along that path that has...


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