Abel Castillo

Abel Castillo

Edenis Sánchez: “I love to discover a part of me I’m not”

When Edenis Sánchez recited poems, sang and played some role as a child, she did not imagine the popularity she would have as she grew up. However, today she is one of the most recognized faces of Cuban television and has proven her versatility as an actress from her work as Alelí in the popular soap opera “Al compás del son” to her sustained role as the instructor Susel of the police series “Tras la huella.” What was happening in your life when you got the first character on TV? I hadn’t decided whether to commit to acting or leaning towards dance, which is another of the manifestations of art that I love, and I was in a stage of search, of changes, which had its final outcome when I was proposed the character of Alelí. At first I wanted to change career, but in the end life decided that I continue along the paths of this profession with which I feel fulfilled today. With which character did you feel that your world revolved around performance? I appreciated that connection when I participated in the cast of the soap opera “Al compás del son,” because it was the first important...


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