Alejandro Safiye

Alejandro Safiye

Rueda de Casino en Grecia

Watch us dance

There are no details on how the crisis, the social and labor cuts, has affected the Greek city of Thessaloniki regarding the rest of the country. However, it seems a gathering of people very happy which brought together 1102 people to dance casino and thus claim the title by the Guinness World's Largest rueda de casino In Aristotle's Square the collective choreography was performed by a dozen Greek dance clubs in early June, and was registered in the race for the record. There are references to other giant ruedas de casino in Colombia, where 500 people met in 2009, and Italy with a similar number in 2011, according to organizers of the Danza Fuerte Club. We might then think, with the Greek scholar in a casual coalition, the issue of Cuban dance is a mystery to "interpret" in all latitudes, with their own way of deduction or seduction, as you like. By sharing the video of the Greek rueda in his Facebook profile, researcher Cuban Carlos Alzugaray said that this phenomenon is the cuban soft power as an ironic allusion to the striking global acceptance policies developed by the Obama administration in its first term . That might be the...


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