Ana Lidia García

Ana Lidia García

Prices and dreams

A total of 71 new non-agricultural cooperatives began operating in Cuba this October 1st, after three months of implementation of the first group, on an experimental basis of the new management model. The first group of 124 cooperatives related to activities such as transportation, construction, collection of raw materials and agricultural markets, which began on July 1st this year, has taken its first steps with successes and some setbacks. The management autonomy, equality of rights between the partners and the collective earnings growth, are already incentives for the cooperative members. Meanwhile, issues such as the lack of a direct and agile mechanism for import and a wholesale market where inputs can be bought are hampering the proper functioning of these forms of economic organization. Cuban population put their hopes since the beginning on the development of these initiatives, but they already have some dissatisfaction due to the price increase in some establishments that adopted this form of collective management. The complaints in this regard are focused primarily on the products sold by agricultural markets, among which are fruits, viands, vegetables and pork. Decree-Law 305 of non-agricultural cooperatives states in its Article 25 that "the prices and tariffs of products and...

Soap making: A business possible in Cuba?

The spell of the soap making The Cuban artisan Sandra Aldama compares herself to a witch, "a good witch," she clarifies. She doesn’t try to poison maidens with apples, nor tempts with sweet houses children lost in the woods, on the contrary, her potions have astringent, moisturizing, toning and exfoliating properties. When I first heard her about handmade soap, I remembered my mother did those with caustic soda and lard or mutton in the 90s of last century, period known in Cuba as the Special Period. At that time, the toiletries were scarce in the domestic market and we not only had to make soaps, but also toothpaste with honey, which I still remember with distaste. But back to Sandra soaps, which have nothing to do with those, and yes, a little, because they are made ​​from Marseille soap, which also contains caustic soda. However, coming from the French city they have an added value: the other key ingredient is the olive oil of high moisturizing and nourishing qualities for the skin. "They market it in Cuba, are easy to get and I got to them after experimenting with others of poor quality. My procedure is to recast and enrich...

Hemingway multiplied in Havana

It’s not a hallucination, and you’re not seeing double. These men really do look like that writer from the United States. They are members of the Hemingway Look-Alike Society and they recently visited Havana, along with Brian Gordon, the actor who has most often played the Nobel laureate onstage. They came to the Cuban capital to participate in the 14th international colloquium honoring the author of For Whom the Bells Toll, and without question, they were the sensation of the event. People stared at them, amazed, and asked to take their pictures with these fellows, who were as willing and accustomed as movies stars to these duties. As they admitted to OnCuba, they are happy to bring back the spirit of “Papa” to the people of Cuba and to experience the same sensations that united him to this country. “After everything I’ve learned here, I’ve become convinced that he fell in love with the Cuban people. This is my first trip, but I’ll be back to this wonderful place,” said Gregory Fawcet, the 2012 winner of a contest that has been held for the last 32 years at Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West (United States) to select the man...

Electrónica Cuba

New horizons for electronic music in Cuba

The sea breeze and the Malecón have blessed the emergence of a new space for the enjoyment and presentation of electronic music in the country. The Castillito, recreational club located on 1st Street, between l0 and 12 (Vedado), was the venue for the development of the cultural project promoted by Analog PMM 2 directed by Joyván Guevara, better known as Djoy of Cuba. The opportunity to access the latest developments of this genre on the island and the world at a price of 25 pesos in national currency including bathing in the pool as well as the ability to share experiences and feelings with youth who share similar musical tastes, it is an interesting option for Sundays from 6:00 pm to 1:00 am. When I read the announcement of this new space I thought that perhaps there would be little public support due to its recent emergence. It is true that on arrival I found a crowd of people, however slowly guests started arriving. Some were willing to make the most of the party and had fun early, others like me, expectantly, were probing the ground. I took my time enjoying the environment and while listening to the sound mix...

Cuba and its Art Deco to the world

Cuba and its Art Deco to the world

Cuba also felt the renewal airs during the time between the two world wars period, from 1920 to 1941 or so. The growth industry and market experienced caused people to look at architecture, fashion, design and music in a different way. This refreshing style that encompassed the different art forms is known as Art Deco.