Jorge G. Arocha

Jorge G. Arocha

The end of the world in Havana

The end of the year will see us in parties with family and friends. It is something normal as dictated by customs and tradition. But the usual tranquility has been disturbed by a downturn this year not a happy one at all. The world comes to an end. Yes, the news has occupied headlines in recent months and the polemic is not at all negligible. For some it seems to be a misunderstanding caused by the Mayans and on top, fueled by the usual media rumor against novelty. But for others, although it is amazing-the end is imminent.

“Cuban and Latin American Cinema are at a healthy moment.”

The President of the Executive Board of the San Diego Latino Film Festival, Gonzalo Lopez is in Havana these days. His presence on the island not only reaffirms the ties of friendship between the festivals of Havana and California; but it is an opportunity to assess the current state of the Latin American cinema. Questioned by OnCuba about the latter, Lopez stated that, in his opinion "Cuban and Latin American Cinema are at a healthy moment."

The silence of fear

An ancient maxim says that violence begets violence. To Yamel Santana, photographer and also a professor of philosophy, that is precisely one of the arguments that motivates his latest work, entitled: The silence of fear. This time, the artist doesn’t propose an approach to violence in general, but more explicitly, he addresses violence against women in the relationship. But that one which is hidden, rewritten or ignored by the subjects involved.