Mabel Olalde Azpiri

Mabel Olalde Azpiri

Periodista. Actualmente trabaja en el ICAIC y colabora con diversas publicaciones culturales digitales e impresas.

The beginnings of the French Film Festival in Havana

During the first weekend of the 17th. French Film Festival, the closest rooms to the corner of 23 and 12 opened their doors to fun and laughter. While in the Riviera and the Infanta Multicine people enjoyed The flavours of the Palace and the interpretation of Catherine Frot; Renoir, which reveals the history of the French painter and his latest model in the French Riviera, 1915; Camille returns, with 13 Caesar nominations, its Lumière awards, their awards at festivals in Cannes and Locarno; plus The Battle of Solferino, with which the actor Vincent Astor Macaigne won Silver at the Festival de Mar del Plata; in adult exhibits in 23 and 12 and Chaplin, reigned comedy genre with almost absolute projections As brothers (Hugo Gelin, 2012), the seductive wolf or the true story of the three little pigs (Nicolas Charlet and Bruno Lavaine, 2013) and The Golden cage (Ruben Alves, 2013). These works have in common the ease and freedom with which the theme of death is addressed. In all three cases, the loss of someone close, or is imminent-irreversibly disturbed, as you can imagine, the life of the protagonists; and from there all the latent problems rise to the surface...

Bernard Cassen: “Public Television and State Television are two different things”

Bernard Cassen-director of Le Monde Diplomatique for over three decades (1973-2008) - participated in the Festival of Radio and Television that ran from September 9 through the 13. This Parisian, born in 1937, was previously in Havana in December 2012, invited by the XXXIV International Festival of New Latin American Cinema. For decades in Cuba he has been known for his journalism, for his intellectual work related to the study of globalization as a phenomenon and, above all, for being one of the managers of the World Social Forum. In principle, it is difficult to find the relationship between the honorary president of ATTAC (Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens) and a space for debate on television on the island, especially if you take a look at ambitious agenda the theme of the event, which approached from the realtion of this media means with the digital world to the study of the soap operas-considered by the organizers "Latin American cultural heritage" -, through the practices of publics, gender violence , the programming view from social research, as well as another great set of topics with varying interconnection with the theme: social Impact of the...

Party: how fantastic this party is!

Ysmercy Salomón is satisfied. Perhaps that's why she infects the public when at La Casona she asks for the applause, at the end of the piece. Her character, Vera, sings on a fantastic party and from the armchairs the applauses wrap up her rhythmically. Then, in the dressing rooms, happiness follows her steps: she has work, a lot of work, and that strengthens her health.