Marielvis Calzada

Marielvis Calzada

Roberto Gottardi: the Emotion of the Shapes

  “Architecture has to be poetry.” ROBERTO GOTTARDI It was the 2000s. Entering the University of Arts is a one way-street. I imagined the scene a thousand times, but was unable to calculate Elsinore,1 the brick citadel, one of the art schools built by the Revolution in a poetic exercise of power: over the vanquished class, over a way of understanding the world, history. I will know that later. Now my intuition guides me through the twists and turns, I discover it is impossible to not believe in utopias within these walls. It is a personal rite, of initiation in the Faculty of Theater Art. “Architecture has to be emotion,”2 said Roberto Gottardi,3 the architect. And Elsinore consumes you, takes your breath away. It urges you to grow and be part. Brick after brick, palimpsests of senses, in so many directions: because the idea projected over a metaphor…, because these spaces that contain the universe…, because labyrinths of medieval inspiration that become explosions of green, of light, from the large windows of the classrooms…. A parenthesis: during the classes in these classrooms-light the body hurts. It doesn’t matter that the professor is creating the foundations to dynamite the limits; one...


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