Alex Halkin

Alex Halkin

The fantastic dream of a four-eyed dog that relieves, with love, the stress and fear of these times of Covid-19, encouraged collaboration between Cuban and American artists.

Animating Dreams between Chicago and Havana

I live in Chicago. I’m the Director of Americas Media Initiative, a non-profit that works with Cuban filmmakers. In early March Cuban animator Ivette Ávila came to Chicago to present the animation program she helped curate for the Cuban Visions film series I organized last year. Ivette was supposed to visit Chicago last October but her visa didn’t arrive till January 2020. I’ve known Ivette for about 10 years and have always been amazed by her creativity, energy and ability to inspire creativity in others. I was determined to bring her to Chicago. I arranged at the last minute two presentations for Ivette, one at Northwestern University and the other at an art gallery, Uri-Eichen in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. Ivette also had an interview on Lumpen Radio, a collective radio station in the Little Village neighborhood. On our time off, we went to Chinatown where I introduced Ivette to my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, Dr. Guo who has been my doctor for 36 years. After lunch in Chinatown we went to the Bernie rally in Chicago’s Grant Park where I introduced Ivette to a couple of friends. When the rally was over we walked to a cafe nearby to meet...


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